Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder Walter Magaya yesterday cheated thousands of Gweru residents who had converged for a miracle service.

People started trooping to the venue as early as 8 am, in anticipation of the service, but Magaya spent close to 10 minutes at the venue.

An estimated three thousand people braved the afternoon heat before Magaya arrived around 5 pm, but the controversial preacher just prayed for a few people , leaving many stranded.

The charismatic preacher promised that he would return to the venue , but never did for reasons best known to himself.

Magaya never preached to the crowd. Irate residents who spoke to RelZim expressed dismay at Magaya’s conduct , saying he had taken them for a ride.
“He took us for a ride today. I spent the whole day here waiting for him,” Ian Makura said.

Makura added: “All we did the whole day was to buy anointing oil , but his aids never told us that he will not be staying for long.”

The PHD team was seen busy selling anointing oil, wrist bands and other products , cashing in on the gullible crowd.

This time Magaya chose to use an open space , shunning Ascot stadium as he feared that a repeat of the Mbizo tragedy that struck late last year would repeat itself.

The PHD team refused to comment on Magaya’s sudden departure, whilst his faithfuls maintained that he had not come for a service ,but for a visit.

“We were given wrong information. How could the PHD ministries do this to us?” Anne Muzondiwa who absconded work to attend the meeting said.

Others believe that the ‘fake’ meeting was aimed at selling his products where Magaya was promoting his new anointing oil.

Magaya recently drew the ire of the Vapostori sect alleging that their powers come from the marine kingdom.

Since the release of his book on the Marine kingdom , Magaya has been criticized by the sect which also claims that his powers are drawn from snakes.