Denford Mutashu suing Magaya at High Court for US$500 000 for bedding his wife (photo: M Chibaya).

Denford Mutashu suing Magaya at High Court for US$500 000 for bedding his wife (photo: M Chibaya).

A HARARE man who had dragged prominent preacher, Walter Magaya, to court for allegedly bedding his wife has withdrawn the case before trial after the two parties settled the matter out of court.

Denford Mutashu, who was being represented by Normal Mugiya, had sued Magaya for $500 000 for adultery. understands that Mutashu withdrew the charges after he was paid $150 000.

Magaya was accused by Mutashu of sleeping with his wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe, who attends the pastor’s PHD Ministries church.

But in an affidavit filed with the High Court on September 12, Mutashu withdrew the case.

“In the matter between Denford Mutashu (plaintiff) and Walter Magaya (defendant), take notice that the plaintiff hereby withdraws its claim ($500 000) and tenders wasted costs,” read the application to withdraw the case.

Mugiya confirmed that an out of court settlement had been reached between the two parties but declined to reveal details of the settlement.

“I can confirm that my client withdrew the matter but I am not at liberty to give finer details of the withdrawal as I am not permitted to do so,” he said. understands that Magaya sought a settlement after he feared that the case would further embarrass him in court. He then offered $100,000 but the two parties later settled for $150,000.

Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

In his application, Mugiya said Mutashu had evidence that would show that Magaya was indeed having an affair with his wife.

“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you have admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife,” read the court papers.

“We have been advised that our client’s wife (Ruvazhe) came to your church service at your church premises allegedly in an attempt to worship.

“You ordered our client’s wife to stay at one of your lodges for three consecutive days without the knowledge and consent of our client,” read the papers.

Despite filing the civil suit, Mutashu also went the criminal route accusing Magaya of bigamy.

But according to police sources, the matter has also been withdrawn after the two parties reached an agreement.

Although Magaya had vociferously denied having an affair with Mutashu’s wife, it remains unclear why he opted for an out-of-court settlement.