Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophet Walter Magaya (photo: B Kanamhora)

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya has predicted political and economic turmoil in four Southern African countries – including Zimbabwe – this year and urged the respective governments to brace for sporadic outbreaks of public anger.

The youthful preacher also cryptically said that he had seen in a “vision” the death of an unnamed prominent personality in the country.

Magaya told his followers during a News Year’s Eve prayer session that the instability in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique and South Africa would be propelled by the deteriorating social, political and economic environment and high levels of corruption in the public sector.

“The Lord showed me death, but I can’t talk about it here, there are so many journalists here. I will just tell gold plus and platinum partners so that when it happens they may be witnesses to the matter,” Magaya told thousands of awe-struck congregants.

“We need to deal with corruption. In fact, many of us here have been through corruption, some practised it even today… (laughs) some entered in this place through illegal gates. If we are to deal with corruption, we need to plant a new seed of moral uprightness in our leadership. We need leaders who engage with the people, be with them and show them love, then we can deal with corruption. It is not a one-day event, it is a process.”

President Robert Mugabe last year accused Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere of an illicit land deal with Magaya.

The televangelist was later forced to return the land he had reportedly bought for $100 000, but the money was yet to be reimbursed.

Magaya added: “We need to pray for Zimbabwe, DRC, Mozambique and South Africa. It seems there is stability in South Africa, but it is not peaceful at all. There will be instability from one country to the other. We need to be vigilant.”

He also warned fellow clergymen, particularly those in the Pentecostal movement, that this year would be tougher as government leaders in the Southern African region would set stringent rules to control religious activities.

In the past year, Zimbabwe witnessed sporadic, widespread street protests as citizens demonstrated against Mugabe’s failure to address high levels of unemployment and corruption. As usual, Mugabe used brute force to crush the demonstrations.

Mozambique is still struggling with a decades-long internal insurrection by armed bandits, while the DRC saw the deaths of over 40 people late last year after President Laurent Kabila refused to step down at the end of his second and final term.

On the other hand, violent demonstrations are not new to South Africa with President Jacob Zuma facing growing calls to resign over a plethora of scandals that have blighted his rule.

The PHD Ministries New Year prayer vigil ran under the theme Shifting to Higher Levels. Magaya said in general, 2017 would be tough, “but those spiritually connected” were bound to “sail through” easily.

“To the outside world, this year would be tough, not easy at all. You need to be connected to God if you are to sail through. It will be a challenging year, many will fail to go through, but those who are connected, those who receive grace, will shift to higher levels,” Magaya said.

Magaya also predicted that United States President-elect Donald Trump will in February say something that would shock the cyberspace, but again declined to give further details.