Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya has called vapositori for a dialogue.

Magaya who has clashed with the group over the past two weeks reportedly called for seize fire.

A source close to the popular prophet said Magaya was calling for a roundtable meeting with the apostolic clan.

“He want things to be normal and as I speak he has engaged them for a meeting which i think will resume next week,” said the source.

Vapositori have vowed to expose him as a magician and fake prophet.

As the fight between the two Christian denominations escalated last week, the Vapositori group said its members were challenging Magaya to an open spiritual power contest.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said the fallout between his 700-member church grouping and Magaya now calls for an open contest to prove the source of power each of the denomination uses.

Last week, Vapositori said God had revealed to them that Magaya was not a Man of God, but used artifacts — including snakes — as the source of his spiritual power to draw large crowds to his congregation.

Efforts to get comment from Vapositori were fruitless but on their Facebook page Masowe eChishanu Uk they continued with their attack on Magaya.

At a church service held on Wednesday Magaya said God called all people to minister and he would not want a war between him and the Apostolic sect.

“We are praying for different ministries so that God help us to be fishers of men and not to fight unnecessary wars,” he said.

Though he did not specifically mentioned the saga he said he was a man of God who was sent to minister and not to fight.


Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).