Catholic youth in Church are set to host youths from Europe, America and Africa in a 10day mag+s/magis experience from the 15th to the 24th of August this year. The event will take place in various selected places and with few selected local Catholic youths participating. It is running under the theme “The Ignite Africa Experience.”

Magis is a young adults movement aimed at formulating a people who are “people for others” who always try to secure justice, faith, love and peace and the vision of St Ignatius of “finding God in everything” will be the major drive.

The event is expected to host 400 youths from various invited countries. According to the organizers of the event, 13 countries have confirmed attendance and these are Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius and Angola.

The 10 day experience will begin with “The Ignatian Gathering” that will run from 15-17 August at St Ignatius College with “The Experiments Week” from18-22 August all over Zimbabwe and will close with “The Ignatian Celebrations”23-24 August at Visitation Makumbi mission.

The youths are expected to get exposure to the real African situation in areas of social justice, environmental and ecological experience, HIV and AIDS in as well as spirituality and St Rupert’s Magonde , Mutemwa , Benedictan Monastery Macheke , Mashambanzou in Zimbabwe,  and Chikuni Mission in  Zambia are some of the areas that are set to host various activities and experiences during the event.

The Mag+s Zimbabwe coordinating team is inviting the young and old aged to the Ignite Africa festival at Makumbi Mission which is on the 23rd of August and tickets are going for $5 only.