Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa (photo:M. Chibaya).

UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has predicted an upsurge in criminal activities fuelled by the current economic meltdown and massive job cuts as a result of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

Makandiwa told his followers in Chitungwiza on Sunday that he foresaw the country building a bigger prison complex to accommodate more convicts.

“The situation cannot remain like this. It’s not healthy at all. It’s not healthy at all because what I see happening some few months from now, the government has to come up with another budget to erect a bigger prison,” the UFIC leader said.

“There will be a need for that. There will be a need for that. Right now, I can tell you as a prophet, already there is a place meant for that development.

“There is need for a bigger prison — much bigger than all your boarding schools and all these things because you will need a place where to put people because of where this economy is going.”

Makandiwa’s spokesperson Prime Kufa yesterday confirmed the prediction, but said it was important for people to take it within the context of the prophecy.

“The one on YouTube starts from the middle. It does not start right from the beginning. He was talking about job losses, saying we have to pray because the rate at which people are losing their jobs is alarming,” Kufa said. “He said people have to pray because if this persists, a bigger prison will be needed.”

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services spokesperson Elizabeth Banda could not be reached for comment over the implications of the forecast yesterday.