The Bulawayo man, Abdullah Ncube, who has caused a storm by claiming to be  the reincarnated Jesus Christ, was Sunday morning jeered by Entumbane residents who called him a false prophet after he took his ‘crusade’ to the suburb, warning that heaven was not for the ‘uncircumcised.’

Last Sunday, the self-proclaimed son of God escaped lynching by an angry mob at Nkulumane’s Sekusile shopping centre in the city after he locked himself up at a garage in a nearby house. He was eventually saved by anti-riot police who dispersed the crowd that had already destroyed a brickwall surrounding the house, baying for his blood.

Later during the week, Ncube, who some psychologists have recommended for a psychiatric examination and confinement to an institution for the mentally ill for treatment, yesterday took his act to Nhliziyo shopping centre, attracting scores of residents, most of whom were not amused by his ‘sermon’.

“Don’t take the law into your hands,” Ncube thundered to the crowd as it became restive with some young people threatening to beat the daylights out of him.  “Wherever I preach, there are journalists and police so don’t be violent because I will be forced to use my spiritual powers to retaliate. Verily, verily I say unto you, those who are not circumcised will not enter heaven.”

But some youths dismissed his claims even daring him to show the crowd his manhood to prove that he was, himself, circumcised.

Others also asked Ncube who was wielding his trademark stick to produce the Bible containing the ‘scriptures’ he was quoting  from but he responded by saying this would not be possible as he does  not read the Bible.

“I don’t carry any Bible. I read the Koran,” said Ncube, who was putting on a topi muslim cap.

The Koran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God.

Ironically, the Koran which Ncube claims to hold dearly, does not recognise the holy trinity of Jesus as being God’s incarnate, an idea that  he amazingly seems to espouse.

“This man should be taken to a mental institution,” said one of the residents, Thamsanqa Ncube.   “I have been listening to him but he is not making sense at all.”

The self-proclaimed prophet who hails from Filabusi says he is a father of seven with two wives, and says he has chosen to remain unemployed so that he could ‘focus on doing God’s work’.