A KADOMA-BASED clergyman, Musa Mtemererwa, was on Friday ordered to pay $80 towards the upkeep of a child that he sired with a woman from his congregation.

Mtemererwa, a pastor at Victory Centre Ministries International of Eastview, was dragged to the Civil Court by his ex-lover Anyway Mazoe over claims he was failing to provide food and clothing for his minor child.

Mazoe told presiding magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba that the man-of-the-cloth was neglecting his child.

In her particulars of claim, Mazoe was demanding $100 for food, $50 for medical and dental aid and a further $50 for clothes.

The pastor told the court he was unable to pay $200 monthly maintenance, stating it was “too much” and offered to pay $50 per month.

The court ordered him to pay $80 maintenance per month until the child attains 18 years of age.