reprinted with minor additions and corrections  from the Newsday
by Obey Manayiti
Manicaland church leaders are demanding to be involved in the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) activities. They believe they can complement JOMIC’s efforts to promote peaceful co-existence among different political party activists. 
Speaking at the JOMIC provincial stakeholders’ conference in Mutare last week, Reverend Pious Munembesaid churches worldwide were known for advocating peace. “We demand to be incorporated in your activities because we know the power and influence that we have in pacifying our nation,” said Munembe. “It was our initiative in 2008 to pray for peace in this country. Since then we have seen a reduction in political violence here in Zimbabwe. It is also prudent that Jomic incorporates us in their peace drive so that we complement each others’ activities across the country.”

His plea came at a time when several church denominations across the country had embarked on a peace campaign, where they have roped in leaders like Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to address their meetings.

Speaking at the same function, Musikavanhu MDC-T MP Prosper Mutseyami said JOMIC activities should be extended beyond the lifespan of the Global Political Agreement and include other political parties outside the coalition government. “I am sure this [JOMIC] will go beyond the GPA because peacebuilding and co-existence should continue to be fostered in the country,” said Mutseyami. “Peacebuilding initiatives should not end after elections because JOMIC is not about elections, but it is about peacebuilding.”