Takawira Masendeke, young brother to the late notorious murderer Edgar Masandeke, who was hanged in 2002, has been anointed a pastor at Heartfelt International Ministries.

Speaking in an interview, the 21 year-old pastor said he is in the process of changing the tarnished name of Masendeke family.

“This world has said a lot of bad things concerning Masendeke family. Well, change is in the process for Masendeke family. It has already started with me. I am now a prayer warrior born from the family of ‘murders’ and I can safely say this is just the beginning,” he said.

Asked on why he had decided to become a pastor Masendeke said he had decided to do so because of the mental challenges he has been facing in his life.

“One day I was taken to a Heartfelt International Ministries crusade and Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe prayed for me and got delivered,” Masendeke said.

Masendeke added: “From that day I decided to join Heartfelt International Ministries. Currently I am undertaking a 2 year Diploma in Theology at Heartfelt Institute of Ministries in Harare under the mentorship of my spiritual father apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe.”

Masendeke said the world should have a positive perception of the Masendeke family.

“Masendeke family is no more what people thought it was. A pastor has been born out from the family that was regarded as family of murderers. Even in the bible Joseph was the only one who make it to the land of Egypt and became a Governor. He managed to help his brothers who were struck by hunger,” Masendeke said.

He added: “Just like me, I am the only pastor from Masendeke family and I am praying for deliverance in the family. I can now perform miracles. At one point I was tasked by my spiritual father to pray for a disabled lady in a wheelchair and immediately she was delivered,” he said.

His brother, the late Masendeke was hanged on May 31 2002 at Harare Central Prison after spending five years in prison waiting for trial. 

Edgar Masendeke together with Stephen Chidhumo became popular after escaping Chikurubi maximum prison in 1995 in an unprecedented jailbreak attempt bringing even greater spotlight to a notorious career of crimes including murder and armed robbery-some of the worst in the country’s criminal history.