Gospel music group Masimba Edenga will launch their ninth album titled “Upenyu Hwedu” at Harare Gardens on Sunday.

The launch of the 12-track album will coincide with the closing ceremony of the United Methodist Church’s 10 day gathering which will be graced by members of the church’s Harare district who will be entertained and blessed by music from the group’s catalogue of albums.

According to Misheck Mukumire, who is Masimba Edenga’s executive director, all the songs carried on the album were selected by the group’s patron, Dennis Zaranyika, the managing director of Seedco.

“We have been working with him for more than three years and he was impressed by the way we do our music. He then requested us to give him an opportunity to select songs of his choice which would make up an album and the result was this album.

“These are the songs which he says give him hope and vision where there seems to be none and we hope that these songs will do the same to the general public and Zimbabwe as a whole,” Mukumire said.

Mukumire said the album – which is a fusion of both hymns and choruses – appealed to all age groups and were of relevance to the Zimbabwean set-up in the way that they promoted peace, love and unity.

“This album is a form of preaching. It urges unity among people despite the challenges that they might be facing. If we unite we will manoeuvre as a nation,” he said.

Some of the tracks carried on the album include “Hakuna Hama Kupinda Jesu”, “Mwari Mubatsiri Wangu”, “Mune Zita Risimo”, Upenyu Hawangu Hunofara among others.

Masimba Edenga rose to prominence with their two albums “Mazambara Vol 1 and 2” which made them a sought-after group, especially at state and other social and religious functions.

“The biggest challenge we are facing is piracy. ”

Masimba Edenga was formed in 2006.