On a rare and affectionate occasion, Christians from across denominations thronged Mzilikazi suburb’s MacDonald Hall in Bulawayo on Saturday for a mass prayer dedicated to the Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Thokozani Khuphe, who is suffering from breast cancer.
The public prayer, first of its kind in Zimbabwe since the turn of this century to be organised for a high-ranking government official, attracted Pentecostals, members of missionary churches and different Apostolic sects. They saw it fit to gather and pray for the Deputy Premier who is also the Member of the House of Assembly for Makokoba Constituency, under which Mzilikazi suburb falls. 
Khuphe came out in the open some time ago that she was suffering from the disease and has been receiving medication from  South Africa.
Giving her testimony to the congregants that had packed the hall, the DPM thanked the Almighty God, whom she said loves her, for giving her strength not to even panic after being diagnosed of the disease, a development which she said shocked the doctors.
DPM Khuphe, who said she had already been miraculously healed by the Most High, emphasized to those who came to the event that faith is important in a believer’s life. “Christians, faith is something that is very important, it is said that your faith is one that heals you. I thank you that your prayers and my faith which I possess made me receive my healing,” she said to the applause of the congregation.
Addressing the same gathering, the Prime Minister  Morgan Tsvangirai assured DPM Khuphe of the people’s support, as she would be returning to South Africa for further medication. “We want to support you Deputy Prime  Minister as you go for your treatment, but the greatest doctor of all is the Almighty God.” Assuring Ms Khuphe a longer life span, the Premier said, “Madam Khuphe, God creates us for a purpose and until that purpose is fulfilled, you are not going to die.”
Pastor Moyo of Word of Life International Ministries said the mass prayer for DPM Khuphe reminded him of the Biblical Dorcas who, when she died, the people she had been helping demanded that her life be extended – something that was granted. He said it was impossible for the DPM to die because Zimbabwe needed her most. “This country needs a Deputy Prime Minister; this country needs a Deputy Prime Minister like you,” he emphasized. “You were created for such a time as this. What I believe, MaKhuphe, why you are for such a time as this, is to take us into a Zimbabwe that we deserve. Long  live MaKhuphe. Long live Deputy Prime Minister, may your days be many!” he passionately said.
The solemn gathering, which also saw believers praying for peace in the country especially during the elections that are expected any time after the conclusion of the constitution-making process, was organised by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to which DPM Khuphe is the Vice President and Churches in Bulawayo.