Pastor Mernat Zvenyika of Reformed Church of Zimbabwe (RCZ) who is stationed at Pamushana is still in trouble as the case has taken a new twist with the woman signing an affidavit before Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) swearing that she had an affair with the man of God and aborted two pregnancies.

Rosemary Nyamukachi (35) who was working as the Reverend’s maid and was married to a villager named Chezhira Mukobvu, alleged that she was impregnated twice by the man of the cloth and was forced to abort on both occasions.

Nyamukachi said she never attempted suicide at his house but was forced to take an identified concoction before she was rushed to Silveria Mission Hospital where she was treated and discharged.

When reached comment, the woman said she was in hiding because she fears her husband as well as mai mufundisi (the reverend’s wife).

The cheated man, Chezvira, has since approached the chief to have his case redressed and the reverend has since been summoned by Phillip Mude, the current chief Murozva, to his court.

“I am going to fight this man because he has been cheating with my wife to the extent of impregnating her leading to the breakage of my marriage,” said an irate Chezhira.

However, when contacted for comment, Rev Zvenyika claimed that he was not at liberty to answer the allegations and was quick to refer the matter to the church’s secretary general at the Synod Centre.

“I can only tell you that the best person to talk to is the secretary general,” he simply said.

When RCZ bishop, Rangarirai Rutoro, was reached for comment on allegations that the investigations carried out by the church were a flawed process and tarnish the image of the church as it was viewed as a way of protecting the accused reverend, he said they handled the allegations against Reverend Zvenyika without fear or favour.

The church followed all church procedures in handling the allegations against Zvenyika because its view is that all people are equal before God. We deny that the investigations that cleared Rev Zvenyika were flawed,” he said.