In a gospel industry where worship music is slowly taking root, Masvingo based gospel outfit The Cherubims are set to take the genre to another level following the release of their debut album entitled In Pursuit.

The gospel industry has been dominated by contemporary and sungura, where musicians have concentrated on fast tempo music and neglected the heartfelt worship of the creator through song.

Gospel music is changing, as the new crop of artists like Takesure Zamar Ncube of Worship Addicts and seasoned musician, Pastor G has turned the tide towards worship music.

Groups like Celebration Choir and Call to Worship have in the past years taken worship music to another level and the Masvingo based group is not an exception.

“We want to affect lives through worship thereby manifesting the kingdom of God on earth,” The Cherubims leader Welcome Nhariswa told RelZim.

The Cherubims is one of the few gospel groups which managed to record a live DVD last year which Nhariswa described as capturing the true essence of the genre of worship.

“We believe that a live DVD recording captures the true essence of what worship is, as all gestures, postures and emotions can be visualized,” Nhariswa said.

“The main aim was to express our love for God as we prepared for the album and inspire those that have never worshiped God,” he added.

In Pursuit, a deep expression of love for God carries songs such as Ndiye Mwari Nhariswa’s testimony of God’s love.

In a music industry where musicians have joined the great trek to Harare and South Africa, the young gospel ensemble is contented with the support of Masvingo.

Nhariswa says any move to a bigger city is will not be in search for fame.

“My base is in Masvingo and that is enough for this season. Any move to a bigger city will not be because I am seeking better opportunities in music but will be because I will have been commissioned by the Lord,” he said.

The Cherubims is a fifteen member interdenominational group having performed in South Africa and Botswana, their vision is to break into the international scene.

“Our music has been well received at home and abroad. Most people have however not yet heard our music and we believe 2014 is a year to reach a much bigger audience,” an upbeat Nhariswa said.

Nhariswa could not however pre-empt the group’s recording plans for this year, but said a couple of musical projects were up the sleeves.