Blessing Shumba is joined by Mathias Mhere right while female gospel artist Agatha Murudzwa looks on. (photo:T. Marwizi)

Blessing Shumba is joined by Mathias Mhere right while female gospel artist Agatha Murudzwa looks on. (photo:T. Marwizi)

Upcoming gospel musician Mathias Mhere is currently in the studio working on his third album that will be released at the end of the year.

The 25-year-old pint-sized musician, who rose to fame with his song Favour taken off his second album, said he was already in the studio working on his third musical project that will be out end of December.

“I realised that I needed to maintain the tempo by giving my fans something new and even better than my previous works. 
“I am glad that the two albums that I did were well received, something that has encouraged me to work even harder than before,” he said.

Mhere added that having seen his fan base growing in the last few months, he wanted to maintain the status quo, and that alone required him to constantly improve his brand, through holding live shows and releasing new works.

“Every time I listen to my music, I pick out certain things I would love to improve, if I could do it over again. But I have since realised that I don’t have to keep thinking and looking back, but I should use the opportunity I have to release more songs and preach to the world,” he said.

The third album will have eight tracks, which look at different facets of Christianity and how man can enhance his relationship with God. There are also a number of praise and worship songs, in addition to other tracks that are didactic and merrymaking songs.

It, however, remains to be seen if his third musical project will be better than his two previous albums, which have been well received by his legions of fans across the country and in the region.

Initially labelled a copycat, Mhere has indeed shown that he is his own man and has let his music speak for itself.

Born on June 13, 1988 in Gutu, Mhere made his grand entrance on the music scene with his first album Tinoda Nyasha.

It is, however, his second album, Anoita Minana, that catapulted him to stardom.

The album had sing-along tunes such as Favour,  Vimba NaJehova, Areka and Chipostora that have made him a household name.

The album was followed by a sizzling DVD that was shot in high definition.

Mhere said he was inspired by the music of Baba Machanic Manyeruke and started singing in Grade 3 at St Mary’s Primary School in Gutu.

The gospel artiste has also released a hot DVD for his hit album Anoita Minana.

The DVD was shot in high definition and is touted as a top contender for the end of year awards.

What is interesting about the videos is the versatility shown by the young musician. The scenes on the videos accurately depict the message.

For example, on the song Favour, Mhere is seen chairing a board meeting surrounded by otherwise old people depicting that God does not consider the age of the person but rather one’s understanding of His kingdom, which man cannot rule.

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