Lutanga Shaba’s book The Way of The Light: Book 1 was officially launched at the Book Café, Harare, on March 1, 2013.

Lutanga Shaba or Mbuya Muhera, author of The Way of The Light published this year

Speaking at the launch of her book, Lutanga Shaba, or Mbuya Muhera, popular as an outspoken women rights advocate, lawyer, consultant, policy analyst, executive director and founder of Women Trust in Zimbabwe, said the messages in her book and the prophecy on Zimbabwe were channelled to her from Araya, her guardian angel and tutor, and the spirit of Mbuya Nehanda, her ‘anchor Spirit Guide’.

“Zimbabwe you shall take your place among great nations of the world but it is not going to come on a silver platter. I want you to understand this. Mwari is saying I have an interest in your prosperity but you have to play your part,” said Mbuya Muhera who went on to speak at length about how she became a spirit medium.

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