With elections expected any time in Zimbabwe, Professor Welshman Ncube, Industry and Commerce Minister in the inclusive government, has called for Christians to pray to God asking for an opportunity to freely elect their leaders.

Prof Ncube, who presides over a faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-N), was speaking in Bulawayo on Saturday February 25 during his party’s provincial assembly.

“I beseech those who pray, to pray to God so that he can allow you the opportunity to express your will in the next election. Go and pray that those who rule through spilling blood must let you go and vote to express own will,” he said.

Prof Welshman Ncube, MDC faction president, addresses his party supporters at Gonye in Nkayi recently

Prof Ncube said Zimbabweans must not be fooled by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who recently asked the nation to pray for him and President Mugabe, claiming they were chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe.

“On this earth leaders are elected by people through their votes. Pray that Mugabe must let you be free,” he said.

He added: “For when you have been freed, having voted in your will, you will vote for your welfare and the welfare of the public. I have every confidence; I believe in every Zimbabwean that when they are free, they will do the right thing. They will vote for their own prosperity, emphasized the MDC leader.

Zimbabwe’s last election in 2008 was the bloodiest ever, a development which has led to political leaders asking the church to seek for divine intervention ahead of the next polls.