Haleema Mekani of NGUWO.inc and a Magis Zimbabwe Pilgrim recently awakened the quiet Botanic gardens when she got a thundering ovation for showcasing a collection of eco-friendly clothing designs.

The event, created to commemorate the World Environment Day was aimed at promoting eco-consciousness and highlight the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion design principles.

Mekani motivated a strong environmental perspective as she presented a collection of fashion pieces made from organic locally sourced materials and fibres.

The handmade shorts and dresses and resort wear, were made by crochet and single uncut threads, eliminating chances of promoting a throw away culture in designers and fashion consumers. 

She said her designs seek to promote an eco-friendly market whose designers and consumers strive to make the world more friendly, more eco-conscious and reduce dumping of material. 

“We must always remember that we all have a purpose and part of that purpose goes beyond what we want, so we must be willing to step out of our own bubble and say how can I use my talent for other people and to better the environment,” she said.

Jesuit Delegate for Youth Ministry and Magis General Coordinator Br Ngonidzashe Edward said the eco-fashion show is inspiring and the youths must start having the culture of recycling, upcycling and see how much our lifestyles affect the environment.