First was miracle money, miracle gold and miracle diamond, then miracle weight loss, followed by 3-day miracle baby and miracle sex change.

This time round Prophet Uebert Angel’s church has pulled yet another shocker as Angel claimed that a qualified medical doctor has since resorted to using his (Angel’s) wristbands and posters to cure patients at his surgery.

Angel, who comes from a Zaka family of nine children, and was based in the UK for nearly a decade, became Prophet Makandiwa’s best friend when he introduced the former Chitungwiza AFM’s Hebron assembly pastor, to a Ghanaian prophet, Victor K Boateng, is well known throughout the African continent for his and hard-to-believe miracles and accurate personal prophesies.

In a statement, Prophet Angel’s church – Spirit Embassy – said a Chivhu based medical doctor (name not supplied) is performing wonders at his surgery, thanks to Angel’ anointed posters and wristbands inscribed JEHOVAH CHIKOPOKOPO (Jehovah Helicopter).

“We thank the God of our father, Prophet ANGEL who has wrought mighty miracles through the hand of his servant. A qualified medical doctor who testified 2 weeks ago about the miraculous healing that he witnessed at his surgery after his patients would receive instant healing from posters of PROPHET ANGEL written GOD PROTECTED he had put up on his door, today he is back again testifying more wondrous things taking place in Chivhu at his surgery,” read the statement in part.

However, Angel’s officials did not identify the medical doctor, nor did they provide names of patients who had been miraculously cured, but they claimed that one woman travelled all the way from Bulawayo to Chivhu to receive her miracle from the doctor.

“A lady whose voicebox was totally shut happened to visit the surgery, coming all the way from Bulawayo. She had heard about the mighty and uncommon miracles that had transpired in this particular surgery because of the anointed posters of Prophet Angel. The doctor looked at the lady and said in his own heart, There is an anointing in this place hence this lady is going to speak again,” Spirit Embassy said.

According to the church, the unnamed doctor is said to have removed his Spirit Embassy wristband inscribed “Jehovah Chikopokopo” and he rubbed it on the lady’s throat. Surprisingly, the doctor allegedly claimed, the woman began to speak.

“The following day, another lady visited the surgery with the issue of ulcers and fibroids and the doctor took his wristband again and rubbed it on the lady’s throat, who immediately started vomiting,” the statement said.

The church further claimed that the doctor tested the woman and this time round she tested negative, meaning she had been miraculously cured of ulcers.