Christian groups at the Midlands State University (MSU) campus have been banned from using musical instruments during their services, a move that is likely to thwart the impact of the church at the university.

In a statement to the Campus Christian Association (CCA) committee on Sunday, Ecumenical Chaplain Dr. Menson Mpofu told chairpersons of Christian groups the decision last week was premised on constant complaints from students staying on campus.

“All groups which use common rooms for their services should not use instruments and should adhere to the new regulation of finishing services at 7pm,” Mpofu said.

“Last semester, I implored all of you to adhere to the regulations, but you did not listen,” Mpofu added.

Most services are conducted in common rooms and it is alleged that the Christian groups disturb students in these hostels due to noise made by musical instruments.

Churches implicated by the new regulation include ZAOGA on Campus (ZOC), Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) and Christian Union (CU).

Chairpersons heading these groups pleaded with Mpofu to relax the rules, but Mpofu said he could not convince the university authorities.

“I can’t plead for you anymore because you let me down,” Mpofu said. ZOC and AFM chairpersons pleaded with Mpofu to allocate a neutral venue which does not interfere with studies, but Mpofu could not budge.

The recent declaration by the college authorities has posed a great threat on the Christian Community which has been flourishing for the past decade.

Meanwhile AFM on Campus has resorted to using their church premises to conduct Tuesday Services.

Students say that Christian groups are some of the strongest bodies on campus and their silence would lead to increased crime and promiscuity at the university.

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