Catholic students at the Midlands State University (MSU) have paid school fees for six primary school students in Gweru as their Lenten sacrifice.

Catholic Society at MSU (CATHSOC MSU) pledged to pay school fees for underprivileged children at Senga Government School as an almsgiving gesture in this period of lent. The gesture which saw six children; two girls and four boys benefiting was a response to the Church’s call to give and help the poor.

The idea of Lenten sacrifice was initiated by the National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS) Executive that encouraged all CATHSOCs across the country to look for what they can do in the period of lent to help those in need in the communities they live in.

NMCS president Kudakwashe Matambo applauded the togetherness and commitment shown by members of MSU CATHSOC in helping the needy emphasizing that students should be involved in charity work which helps grow the Catholic faith.

“As students we must take responsibility in helping those who are poor and in lent we are called to complement our fasting and prayer with almsgiving. Lenten sacrifice also helps us to strengthen and keep in touch with our faith”, said Kudakwashe Matambo.

Responding to the call of the church in the period of lent, CATHSOC MSU executive saw it vital to help potential children who they meet and talk to everyday on their way to and from the main campus; who are struggling to raise school fees most of them being orphans.

“We talked to the school Headmistress that we want to donate stationery to the underprivileged students and she advised that it would be better if we pay school fees for them since having stationery without lessons might be a high sounding nothing for them, so the Headmistress with the aid of the teachers chose us six intelligent but financially challenged pupils that we paid for”, said Paul Nyamadzawo the CATHSOC Organizing Secretary.

CATHSOC MSU also stretched its hands to a double orphaned Grade 3 pupil at the same school whom they will pay school fees for till she finishes primary education. The pupil was chosen by teachers after acknowledging her brilliance in the academic circles.

The society’s Organizing Secretary expressed his appreciation of the effort made by those who made the move and all programmes possible.

“I’m quite impressed with the dedication the people have towards the society which makes it easy for us to coordinate all the programmes we endeavor to do.

Special mention to Fr Regis Rubaya our society and regional Chaplain, Sr Rubaya our spiritual advisor, Sekuru Njini and TeteMunyaka and the Gweru Diocese Pastoral office for their unending and unconditional support and advice they give to us as the society”, expressed Paul Nyamadzawo.