A 20 year old student at the Midlands State University Liberty Makuyana  has written a Christian motivational book that addresses some of the challenges that face society today.

The book titled: ‘Going Against the World’ is about humanities emancipation from the worldly system as he takes the reader through the 127-page book.

It opens with a quote from an unknown writer which says “very little microsecond in life culminates in one big event. Do not count the seconds until something big happens. Live the seconds.”

The author said the book talks about tradition, culture, and unwritten laws which bind people from living the life that God intended for them.

In the book, Makuyana looks at how people pursue academic degrees, better jobs and even fall into marriages and lifestyles which the world suggests are right.

The book motivates people of various age groups on how to deal with different situations and challenges in life with chapters such as living for the truth and culture or Christ.