According to The HeraldMr. Mugabe urged other churches to take a cue from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and come up with good music.

“Of all the churches, SDA has the best music. Kwamunoita kuno ndiko kunonzi kuimba. Unonzwa maparts ose kuti soprano, tenor, bass zvichipindirana.” “Vamwe vanoimbawo zvavo asi yenyu iri pamberi. I listen to other types of music, but this one is my favourite,” he said.
The President posed for a photograph with the 19-member Advent Ambassadors choral group and they sang two songs while he was among them. Police Band took over from the group later in the day.

Advent Ambassadors was formed 36 years ago by four SDA men. One of the four founders, Mr Jonathan Tawengwa, is still with the group.
Four of the group members – Mr Morris Tsoka, Mr Norman Dzvene, Mr Arnold Tanda and Mr Archford Matsika – joined the choir in the 1970s.
In the 1980s, the group sang for the First Family after being invited by the late Amai Sally Mugabe during a leprosy programme.

They also sang at the funeral of the late Amai Mugabe.

The group, that spent most of its time singing at weddings, church gatherings and other functions for years, has recorded five albums that include Tarisa Upone, Ready To Leave, The World and Ndicherechedzei Baba. Group spokesperson Mr Ridgeway Dube said their mission was to spread the word of God through music.

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