Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has quashed witchcraft allegations saying she is a “God fearing person”.

Addressing the party’s central committee at the Zanu PF headquarters, last week president Robert Mugabe accused former VP of consulting “n’angas” (witch doctors) to topple and succeed him.

Mugabe said he had known for a long time about Mujuru’s alleged plot to oust him from power, reiterating that the beleaguered VP had allegedly gone to the extent of working with the opposition MDC and the United States government to try and achieve her mission.

In a statement addressed to comrades, friends, fellow citizens and countrymen Mujuru said support to advance political career comes from the people not witchcraft.

” I am and have always been a God fearing person and would not and have not resorted to witchcraft to advance my political career. Support comes from the people, it cannot be divined under cover of darkness,” read part of the statement.

Mugabe said he recalled an incident when he had been invited to officially open a school that the Johanne Marange church had built, but Mujuru had insisted that she wanted to open the school herself.

However, Mujuru said her association with the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe  (ACCZ) dates back to 2011 when she was invited to be the organisation’s patron.

“I was invited to be Patron of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe, which represents at least 700 apostolic Christian churches in Zimbabwe, as long ago as January 2011,” Mujuru said.

She added: “This was with the full consent and blessing of His Excellency. I have since then, with the full knowledge of the Head of State, attended numerous church gatherings, as Patron and also as Vice President. There has never been any clandestine or unlawful gatherings that I have been a part of.”

However, ACCZ said it has parted ways with Mujuru following her dismissal on Tuesday by President Robert Mugabe.

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