Reverend Obadiah Msindo, a celebrated Zanu-PF clergy; who is also the founder for Destiny for Africa Network is on a ‘vote buying’ escapade, promising houses to youths and loan schemes in a bid to garner votes for the former ruling party.

Recently Msindo took his gospel to Jesus Life International church in the city where hundreds of youths gathered in anticipation of a helping hand from the Zanu-PF man whose political stance has left many doubting his status as a ‘man of God’.

As he took to the podium, Msindo requested for a song from his praise and worship team which was clad in Zanu-PF barrettes, party regalia and colours.

The choir churned out popular Pentecostal chorus “Vhangeri ndinoriparidza chete”, which had an apparent interpretation that the youths were determined to spread the Zanu-PF empowerment gospel.

As the song faded, Msindo looked energised and started raining insults on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, whilst exalting President Robert Mugabe.

Msindo pledged his allegiance to Zanu-PF and said he was mobilizing youths to vote for Zanu PF in the watershed elections expected this year.

“We are rallying behind Zanu-PF ende Governor ndakuvigirai mayouths who will be voting for the first time come election time,” Msindo said in a statement directed to Governor for Bulawayo Cain Mathema who was present at the event.   

The Zanu PF clergy also said: “Many people think Msindo does Zanu-PF business only, but I also heal the sick like any other Pastor who supports Zanu-PF,” he said to wild applauses.

A redemptive statement indeed from a pastor who has somewhat lost his credibility after he openly declared his support for the octogenarian leader and his contested economic policies.

Msindo was in the city last week, with his major targets being the church youths.

It is also apparent that Zanu-PF Bulawayo province is desperate to win the next election as MDC dominated the last two parliamentary elections; hence the party is luring the Christian community using the bait of empowerment.