DESTINY for Africa Network leader Obadiah Musindo has leapt to United Family International Church (Ufic)founder Emmanuel Makandiwa’s defence after his church was ridiculed for telling followers the amounts of money they had to give as “seed” in 2017.

In a video posted on Facebook, Ufic spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa encouraged people to “seed” money ranging from $77, $770, $7 700 and $77 000.

Explaining the reasoning behind the figures, Kufa said, “Number seven is a prophetic number, a number of perfection which makes the year 2017 a year for your dreams, hopes, aspirations and all your visions, if only you are willing to start it perfectly.”

However, following the clip there was a huge public outcry, with some people accusing the charismatic cleric of robbing his congregants using the Bible.

But in a statement, Musindo dismissed the attacks, saying numbers were not theological, but more scriptural.

“Look at the book of Revelations, the issue of the 12 disciples as well as the 12 tribes of Israel,” he said.

“In the things of God, we do not have tutors, referees, the chief executive officers of God or the advocates of God who think they can speak on God’s behalf.”

Musindo said people should not monopolise Christianity.

“We have people who criticise tongues and healing yet all these are in the Bible,” he said.

“There’s nothing wrong or unscriptural for the people under Ufic to give according to the instructions given by their leaders.

“Many people are prophetically told to give or seed in many ways. It is not everything that we do in the church that has a biblical reference or biblical example,” Musindo said.

He also fired a volley at some “pastors” who did not cast out demons.

“A church which is not prophetic is so blind. I see bishops and leaders wearing collars. Where is this found in the Bible? What about titles such as ‘Dr’? where is the title ‘Dr’in the things of God?” he quipped.

He also said church leaders were overstepping their mandate.

“You are not supposed to attack other churches as if you are leading perfect churches yourselves,” Musindo said.

“There are serious problems happening in other churches that we are reading about in newspapers involving fights and legal actions against one another.”

He said he had concluded from his own investigations that Makandiwa was a serious entrepreneur who employed a lot of people.