Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president Johannes Ndanga has called on Zanu PF top officials who lost their positions in the ongoing purge to stop grumbling and gracefully accept their fate as they cannot question President Robert Mugabe’s decisions.

Without mentioning names but in utterances clearly directed at ousted Zanu PF officials who have contested being booted out of the ruling party, Ndanga said such people should not waste time and energy getting angry for positions they got through appointments.

“If Mugabe takes the position that he once gave you why should you waste energy complaining?” Ndanga said while addressing delegates to the ACCZ Midlands provincial women’s conference at Mkoba Hall on Saturday.

“You should respect the President’s decisions, why should you get angry when your appointed positions are withdrawn.”

He said ACCZ members would continue supporting Zanu PF and Mugabe because he was given to the country by the Holy Spirit and as such the country “was led by the Holy Spirit.”

Turning to church rivals who want him to vacate his position as leader of ACCZ, Ndanga said such people were not members of the church council.

He accused his former deputy Elliot Mugwambi and three other ex-ACCZ officials of swindling civil servants through housing stands using the name of the church council.

“Mugwambi was getting 20% on every stand. Ndanga does not sell stands and that is not his job and so dishonest people should not drag his name into such,” charged Ndanga.

But Mugwambi has since denied the allegations maintaining the money was a commission paid to him by the ACCZ as an appreciation for bringing business to the church council.

Ndanga has in the past been accused of having political ambitions and was dragged into the Zanu PF factional wars after he tried to ban a Harare apostolic sect.