Tafadzwa Mukaro and her husband Wisdom have burst onto Zimbabwe’s gospel scene with a six-track debut album titled Mwari Anesu.

Tafadzwa does the lead vocals on the album produced by Lyton Ngolomi with her equally-talented husband providing backing vocals.

The just-released album contains well-thought-out tracks that include Iniwo Here, Mhinduro, Nhasi Uno, Ishe Gadzirai, Rwendo and Tendeuka.

Like most upcoming female gospel musicians in Zimbabwe, Tafadzwa, who wrote all the songs on the debut album, credits gospel stars Olivia Charamba and Shingisai Suluma for inspiring her.

“I started composing songs when I was at Africa University between 2003 and 2007,” said the 30-year-old singer.

“I am convinced that the album will go a long way in uplifting people spiritually.”

Tafadzwa and Wisdom, who are both employed by a local financial institution, are hopeful that they will match the extraordinary success achieved by their idols Olivier and Charles Charamba.

Interestingly, both the Charambas and the Mukaros belong to the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe.

With the help of producer Ngolomi and his wife Bethen, Tafadzwa is convinced that her partnership with her husband will register success on Zimbabwe’s competitive gospel scene.

“I want to thank my producer and his wife Bethen for making my dream come true. They are a delightful and helpful couple who also provided backing vocals on this project,” she said.

Now that the maiden album is out, the fledgling gospel music couple has promised to announce their entry into gospel music via a series of gospel concerts.

The Mukaros hope to make a mark in the gospel music genre dominated by other couples such as the Charambas, Ephraim and Respina Patai and Charles and Namatayi Chipanga who are popularly known as Chalenam.