A new group called Beloved from Harare is poised to make a huge splash on the local gospel music scene following the release of their double CD album titled “Ndiri Mhanzi”.

Led by Willard Munyaradzi Muzaeni (28) and Miracles Magumbo (26), the youthful outfit said they decided to come up with the double CD whose first eight tracks are fast-paced danceable praise songs while the remainder is worship.

“There are many reasons why we decided to come up with a double CD. The first one is that few artistes in Zimbabwe often do that. The other reason is that we have a lot of songs whose meanings we want to share with people and by loading them on one CD, it is obvious that there will be everything for everyone.

“People also want both worship and praise sides of gospel,” explained Muzaeni.

Since its release by Artisan Studios, who are also marketing and distributing the album, some tracks taken off “Ndiri Mhanzi” have been receiving airplay on Star FM, National FM, Spot FM as well as  having one of their songs “Rukariro” being used as the signature tune for ZBCTV’s “Rhapsodies of Realities”.

They, however, still feel there should be more airplay to promote their music.

“We need to see more support given to new artistes in the industry because they are gifted. Piracy is also another major challenge affecting us,” Muzaeni said.

CD one opens with “Tambira Mwari’, that urges people to exalt the Lord and make merry for the life that was bestowed on them.

“Mwari Mandidadisa” captures the voice of a person who is thanking the Good Lord for abundant mercy, while “Mutsvene” talks about His holiness.

Those who give up hope in life are encouraged to find it in God through the son Jesus Christ, and “Ndiye Mambo” further cements the fact there is no other God except the Creator.

On CD 2 there are tracks likes “Aripo”, “She Unondifambisa”, “Chivimbiso” and “Rukariro” which are spiritually touching and inspiring.

“Beloved was formed in 2006.I was still at Bindura University where I was studying computer science and I met my colleague Magumbo through a friend who heard us singing and connected us to co-found this group.

“Naturally, both of us are composers and also as Christians we felt that it was our mandate to preach the word of God through music,” Muzaeni said.

He also paid tribute to music producer Allen Dzobo, who is also the director of Artisan Studios for having faith in his group.