At a music festival in Mutare, Blessing Shumba is joined by Mathias Mhere (right), with another gospel artist Agatha Murudzwa animating the audience. (Photo: T. Marwizi)

Gospel musicians Blessing Shumba and Matheus Mhere have dismissed speculation that they are not seeing an eye to eye following the movement of band members from Shumba to Mhere early this year.

At the recent Mutare Music festival the two musicians said there is no bad blood between them and they will continue to work together in preaching the word of God through music.

The two went on stage and played the song “Kuvimba Kwangu” from Shumba’s latest album “Shongwe.”

“There has been speculation that we were not seeing each other but there is nothing like that, we are working as children of God to preach his word,” said Shumba.

As if Shumba’s words were not enough Mhere said they would continue to work together and fans should expect a duet from them.

“We are brothers and we will work together, very soon we will work on a collaboration,” said Mhere.

Speaking at the sidelines of the event, Mhere said they were working together with Shumba to preach the word.

“He is more of a brother to me because I always consult him on various issues and am grateful,” he said.

Meanwhile Shumba has left the country to South Africa where he is scheduled to perform at Khayelithsa Grounds on Saturday at a family show.

“We are happy to be going to South Africa for the first time and our fans down there should look forward to a memorable show,” said Shumba before his departure.

He added that he was happy promoters had confidence in his performances since the release of his latest album, Shongwe.

“I want to thank God that he is doing wonders with promoters calling us to preach the word in different parts of the world,” he said.

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