Gospel music couple Olinda Marowa and husband-cum-manager Michael Ziwenga are optimistic their newly found church will bear fruits.

This was revealed in their DVD “Moment in Miracles” which was released on the day they launched their new church “Grace Life Covenant”.

The DVD, which would be distributed for free from today, had evidence of their many miracles, prophecies and deliverances they had carried out so far.

“There are people with testimonies. They have medical proof of their healing from HIV, heart problems, fibroids, bareness and a lot more but like I mentioned earlier the focus is on love and the word of God,” he said

The couple is not carrying “prophet and prophetess” titles opting for Major Pastor Michael and Pastor Olinda.

They have dumped Ubert Angel’s Spirit Embassy Church to form their own.

The couple that was instrumental in opening Spirit Embassy branches outside Harare and once worked closely with the flamboyant prophet at the church’s Chisipite headquarters have opened “Grace Life Covenant”, a new denomination with different spiritual beliefs.

“GLC focuses on the word and love (of God). A shepherd serves the sheep and not the sheep serving the servant,” said Ziwenga.

He said the couple left Spirit Embassy amicably on December 21.

“We needed to grow outside the box. Besides I was meant to start my own (church) and everyone knew it. This is the will of God,” he said.

The youthful pastors also said they had no partners or “spiritual parents” leading them but God.

“I only have one father who is in heaven,” he said.

Songstress Olinda on the other hand is said to be using her musical gift in strengthening the church.

“My wife plays a crucial role in the church’s musical department and vocal training besides blessing us with her own compositions.

She is amazing, sometimes you need worship (songs) top take you somewhere before you begin to preach. God uses her,” said Ziwenga.

Asked if they planned on “taking over” the Magaya-style, Ziwenga said it was about winning souls.

“Heaven full hell empty! We might be young physically but not spiritually. Alone we can’t make it but with Jesus we can. We have pulled through before during the time we opened several branches from the previous church,” he said.