Church leaders in Bulawayo have expressed outrage over Roman Catholic Archbishop for blessing the statue of the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, saying it is pure idolatry.

The Roman Catholic Father said a prayer to bless the statue on December 22 during the unveiling of the statue.

The event was attended by President Robert Mugabe, Nkomo’s Family and senior government officials.

Speaking to RelZim a local Pastor who preferred anonymity said God has no regard for statues and it was not biblical for the Priest to bless the statue.

“This is not biblical because nowhere in scripture have we ever found statues being blessed. In actual fact God encouraged statues to be destroyed because they were dividing people’s attention,” a local pastor said.

“Catholics hold statues in high esteem and it was not surprising to hear the man of the cloth praying for a statue,” he said adding that although he respects the work done by the late Father Zimbabwe, he would not have blessed his statue.

Another Pastor from Life Abundant Ministries, Enectus Moyo, said the Priest was overzealous in his approach to national events of such magnitude.

“The priest was only supposed to open the event with a word of prayer and not bless the statue because that does not make sense,” Moyo said.

Youthful prophet Sibangaliso Mafu blasted the Priest, saying his behaviour was inappropriate for a true clergy.

However Priests from traditional churches said there was nothing wrong with blessing the statue since it he was just fulfilling the day’s programme.

Since the statue was unveiled, it has hogged the limelight in the second largest city as people are seen taking photos beside it.