House of Assembly members on Thursday turned the Parliament into a church as they broke into Christian songs after the passing of the Constitution Bill.

Members sang “Ndiyani aita izvi ndimwari akanaka”, meaning, “Who has made this possible, is the miraculous Jesus Christ”, when translated into English.

Members including the country’s Vice President Joyce Mujuru danced for at least ten minutes after the house of Assembly speaker Lovemore Moyo announced that the Bill got 100% support from the house.

“The number of affirmative votes recorded 156 votes is not less than two thirds of the total membership of the house. I therefore declare the final votes in the house on the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 20 Bill, HB 2 2013, to have been in accordance with the provisions of Subsection 3 of Section 52 of the constitution .The Clerk of Parliament will read the Bill for the third time,” the speaker announced.

The Bill will next week go to senate for debate before President Robert Mugabe pronounces it the new supreme law of the nation.

If Mugabe appends his signature on it, the new constitution will replace the 1979 Lancaster House constitution which the country is currently using.

The development will also allow the country to go for fresh polls which terminate the fragile four year mirage between President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party and two MDC formations.

Zanu PF and he two MDC parties formed the inclusive government in 2008 after a contested Presidential Runoff election.

Under the Global Political Agreement GPA, which is the pillar of the coalition government a new constitution should be born before the country holds another election.