Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia, who are the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council Road Safety ambassadors, have urged motorists to drive safely ahead of the Easter Holidays.

Charamba urged members of the public to drive safely.

“A lot of things come along the way but people should know that Jesus died to save our lives therefore we should drive cautiously,” said Charamba.

The “Machira Chete” singer said people should not drive under the influence of alcohol.

“Usually people travel to see their relatives during Easter. They go to church gatherings to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and they drive long distances.”

He said the first thing was to thank God who granted the grace to see year 2015 progressing.

“It is vital to acknowledge the fact that God has been always good to us. Yes, many had wished to receive different blessings from God as per their resolutions,” he said.

He said while some are celebrating their successes it was important to drive with caution and manage the excitement that comes with such a new status.

“Many would be celebrating after making it in spheres such as academics, weddings, relocation, or entrepreneurial breakthrough, there are many among us who were able to acquire assets such as cars.

“It is our heartfelt desire to share the joy with such, but at the same time we sincerely warn them to take maximum care when using those vehicles,” he said. The musician said the public had a big role to play in ensuring that drivers travel with safe speeds.

“Passengers commuting to different destinations to celebrate Easter Holiday, are urged to play a role in insuring safety. Let one individual be in control. Make your suggestion heard through the use of appropriate language and do not cause panic,” he said.

His wife Olivia echoed the sentiments and sternly warned people against drinking and driving.