Voting in Bulawayo today was predominantly peaceful as members of the public went in to exercise their right to vote.

Voting started as early as seven in the morning, as voters jostled to vote in the landmark elections.

Peaceful is the word characterising this year’s elections, and Shalom Projects Pastor Anglistone Sibanda said peace reigned during voting in Matabeleland.

“So far so good. Voting has been peaceful although there were a number of challenges were cited regarding the pace at which ZEC conducted the process,” Sibanda told RelZim.

“I applaud Zimbabweans for voting peacefully. I urge them to continue praying for peace as counting begins.”

Shalom Projects, a Christian non governmental organisation deployed 300 observers throughout Matabeleland.

It recorded the largest turnout of voters in Lewelin Barracks and Fairbridge.

In Bulawayo voter turnout was rather low as the day progressed, with an average of 500 voters having cast their vote by 2pm this afternoon.