A SHAMED preacher who sexually assaulted members of his flock is back in the fold at the church he helped create.

Self-styled “prophet” Walter Masocha dodged a jail term earlier this year for groping a deaconess and molesting a schoolgirl.

Zimbabwe-born Masocha carried out the attacks while leading the Agape for All Nations church, reports the Daily Record.

After his conviction, the Stirling church said they “apologised for any harm done to those affected” and announced the 51-year-old was suspended.

But the pervert preacher is still a central figure in the organisation.

A video posted on Agape’s website shows Masocha front and centre during a church event in July – just a month after he was sentenced to a community payback order.

Wearing a bright blue blazer, he smiles during an event in Barnsley Metrodome.

He doesn’t preach but the camera lingers on him standing in the front row.

The mum of his schoolgirl victim – who can’t be named for legal reasons – said: “I have a child who is still suffering and has still not recovered.

“She has hallucinations and is in counselling. There is nothing we can do. This is a paedophile and nothing has been done to him.

“Even now, we hear that he tells people that the community service he was given is good.

“He has no conscience or no guilt over what he has done. He is utterly proud.

“He does not qualify to be on the streets, let alone in church. They are mocking God.”

Victims’ relatives reacted with fury when Masocha escaped with 250 hours’ community service and a year on the sex offenders’ register.

In April, the former Stirling University lecturer was found guilty of sexually assaulting a deaconess and kissing and caressing a girl, 14, at the church.

He was cleared of inducing a 13-year-old girl to massage his naked body with oils. Another charge that he acted inappropriately with her sister was dropped.

Meanwhile, registered charity Agape were cleared of financial wrongdoing earlier this month after a probe by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator uncovered no evidence of irregularities.

The Record revealed in April that Agape made £3.3million in four years while Masocha was at the helm.

He and his wife say they were each paid about £40,000 a year. Former members claim they took a lot more in the form of “love offerings”.

It was reported how disgruntled former members labelled the church as a “cult” where rags used to collect Masocha’s sweat were considered “blessed by the prophet”.

A spokesman for the church said: “Dr Masocha is in the process of mounting an appeal against both conviction and sentence.

“Dr Masocha has voluntarily resigned from his official paid position with the church.

“He has no role in the church and carries out no public duties on behalf of the church although he remains a member and continues to attend services.”

The spokesman said Masocha may conduct private prayer meetings at his home but these would be a matter for him.