Prophet Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries has come under fire from some of the girls that he converted into Christianity for concentrating on dancer Beverly Sibanda only.

Accusations are flying from different corners saying Magaya is promoting Bev only but neglecting the others.

Bev and 14 other girls were converted by Magaya from their professions as raunchy dancers and sex workers with the prophet offering them a new line of business by opening boutiques for them.

But last week, it was only Beverly who travelled to Tanzania for shopping while all the others waited.

 She eventually returned to the country on Monday after spending a week in Tanzania.

Rentals for the shop have been paid for three months in advance and indications are that Hapaguti “Happers” Mapimhidze will manage the business.

A source told NewsDay that rentals for the shop situated next to the new Innscor complex along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Harare will be opened tomorrow.

Yesterday, the shop windows were still covered with newspapers but Mapimhidze said they were to start making fittings late yesterday.
Oscar Pambuka, spokesperson for PHD, yesterday said the girls were not justified in complaining that the prophet was concentrating on Beverly alone.

“The other girls said they preferred flea markets instead of shops because they felt shops were difficult to run,” he said.

“They were given money ranging between $2 000 and
$3 000 to buy their wares from South Africa.”

The source, however, said there was tension among the girls that have repented due to prophet Magaya’s concentration on Bev only.

“That is the concern in the camp. He has promised to assist everyone, but some feel that the others are being left out,” the source said.

“All the dancers that used to be part of the Sexy Angels are jobless and that is another concern because they cannot perform without Bev. So the prophet is under pressure to consider them as well.”