POLICE last Friday questioned the head of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), Shingi Munyeza, after he allegedly described planned RBZ bond notes as “infamous”.

The weekly Standard newspaper quoted EFZ leader, Shingi Munyeza, confirming the development, adding that he had assured police that he was a “lawabiding citizen”.

However, Munyeza, some of whose comments about bond notes were on social media, was not arrested.

A member of the outspoken Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations, Munyeza is one of the many notable figures that have voiced their concerns about pending bond notes.

In statement released last month, Munyeza warned Zimbabweans that they faced yet another round of severe shortages of entails such as power, fuel, water and cash.

The clerics reported receiving many expressions of concern from their congregants over the soon to be introduced bond notes which Mugabe refers to as “surrogate currency”.

Politician, David Coltart, last week said he thought bond notes were being introduced as part of the elite’s bid to have the RBZ pay off their huge debts.

Since RBZ boss, John Mangudya, announced plans to introduce bond notes many Zimbabweans have expressed their horror, fearing that it was a way of bringing back the dreaded Zim dollar.

The Zim dollar was abandoned in 2009 after hyperinflation rendered it worthless.

Many Zimbabweans have yet to recover from that record breaking hyperinflation which wiped out their savings accounts and pension.