Presidential hopeful Dr. Raymond Chamba says that he has been catapulted by God to stand as an independent.

Chamba called on churches in Zimbabwe to assume a more active role in the country politics during the launch of his bid for presidency. He also  said that God has a special plan for this country. “I fervently believe that God has a special plan and favor for Zimbabwe, but that does not reside on the throne of beneficent dictators and an indifferent moral majority of people of faith. It’s time for the Church to more than speak out and be heard but for it to lead practical action towards righting the political and economic course of Zimbabwe.”

Chamba is expecting no less than 10 % of the total vote and is ready for elections this year. “The deep pangs of my inner sense of restorative justice have catapulted me into this race. Yes [I am] an independent but quite dependent on the grace of the Most High,” he said.