Prime Minister’s wife, Elizabeth Tsvangirai, told the families of the 30 incarcerated MDC-T supporters to remain steadfast and pray for their family members.

Mrs Tsvangirai was donating food to the families of the MDC supporters who stand accused of killing a cop in Glen View, a suburb of Harare, last year. “Everything that happens in an individual’s life God has a purpose [for]. We might fail to understand why this is happening. But God’s way cannot be understood by people. All things that happen in life happen for our own good. I want you to know that ‘pay day’ is coming. God has great things to install for you. Remain vigilant and help them through prayer. And God will open up. God creates road where there is no road,” she said.

The state claims Glen View policeman, Petros Mutedza, was killed by the MDC-T members at a local pub. But the party denies the charges and insists the arrests were a plot by the country’s leading party Zanu-PF to destabilize their structures. MDC-T say there is evidence showing many of their accused members were not at the pub the night Mutedza was killed.