Fast rising Harare prophet Fodrick Fodrick of Daily Gospel Unstoppable Ministries has relocated at the foot of Warren Park 1 Mountain where he bought acres of land to construct a 5000-seater church.

The man of cloth, well known as The Apple Prophet through his use of the apple fruit as a medium for deliverance, used to hold his Harare services at either Hockey Stadium or Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.

When RelZim visited the new place now called The Prayer Mountain, at the outskirts of Warren Park 1, a makeshift structure has been put in place while construction of the church is underway.

Assets belonging to the church, that includes buses, commuter omnibuses, haulage trucks have also been moved to the mountain.

“We acquired this space eight months ago and we are proud that we now have a place of our own. All along we were renting and it was expensive. We have pitched a tent so far while construction is happening.

“I am glad that the church premise is situated at the very mountain where I met God before founding this ministry. I have even built an altar on the place and to all those we believe this is the Prayer Mountain where it all started.

“I also grew up in this area and our family house is just few metres form the church, so I am happy to return home,” said Fodrick.

Fodrick is one of the modern prophets in the country who rose to limelight through miracle performances.