Prophet Uebert Angel, head of the Spirit Embassy Church, claims to have predicted the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher two years ago and he recorded the prophesy.

Thatcher died on Monday 7 April, but her death was foreseen by Angel one of the most popular and fast rising prophets in Zimbabwe.

On 1 March 2012 in a sermon, Angel says he told his multitude of followers to note in their notebooks the imminent death of a celebrated British politician.

“I saw M.T. Write it in your notebooks. These are initials to her name. Because of Russia she was called the IRON LADY. Write in your notebooks M.T for her name and her Surname.”

On 13 August 2012, he made the same prophesy.

“Remember the lady I saw people, This is in UK and People are discussing places of burial one is mentioning St Paul’s cathedral, another is choosing their own but what I know is this not right now, It’s not too far but not very near. I will tell you when it’s near.”

During the Crossover Night this year Angel declared 2013 was the year when the person he had seen dying would succumb to fate.

“Last year I told you of a lady who is leaving this earth. Listen, human beings die so we are not saying we enjoy people dying. No we don’t but people die. This is Britain. Last year I told you but this is this year she is going.”

Angel is not only popular but also controversial and, in a post on his Facebook page, he said he does not enjoy predicting people’s deaths.

“We do not prophesy someone’s death because we enjoy people dying but when God has spoken it the duty of the prophet to speak. At times grace is granted to postpone the event or death but at times just like Christ’s death which was foretold before time, we can’t change it.”

The official statement concludes “Prophet Angel, Spirit Embassy and the Miracle TV community join hands in mourning the Loss of a loved one not only for the nation of Britain but the world as a whole. A lady, who changed the course of history, may her soul rest in peace.”