Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries could face more problems with the law after his bouncers allegedly assaulted former raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda at his residence last Thursday.

Bev had been embroiled in a scuffle with another lady who had gone to the residence in Malborough after the dancer was granted access to the prophet without any problems.

The other lady, in frustration at having waited all day to meet the prophet, accused Bev of being in a relationship with Magaya resulting in a physical tussle.

One of Magaya’s bouncers intervened and gave Bev and the unidentified lady a hiding with the former dancer suffering an injury to one of her eyes.

The violence comes after a Marondera man Walter Mafuta was also assaulted by Magaya’s security men.

The case is expected in court this week but Bev said she did not report her roughing up to the police as she feared it would cause problems for her benefactor Magaya.

Magaya however disowned the bouncers and described them as overzealous.

“I try to live a very simple life,” he said. “So I do not have bouncers and I move around with only two gentlemen.”

Bev however threatened to go back to the dance floor because of the unnecessary squabbles that she was experiencing.

She said people at the church were no longer concentrating on praying but getting money from the prophet.

Two months ago the dancer was converted by Magaya and offered a new life with the church opening a shop for her in Harare’s central business district.

But it appears controversy keeps rocking the move as many other women that were reportedly converted are claiming they never received a cent after conversion.