Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy Ministries has launched Zimbabwe’s second Christian
Television Network, to reach out to the thousands of Christian faithful throughout Africa and beyond.
The free-to-air Miracle TV is broadcasting on satellite 24 hours every day on frequency rate 26657/1/2.

It is now yet not clear what country Miracle TV is broadcasting from as Zimbabwe has not yet
opened its airwaves. The state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is still the sole
broadcaster in the country, as the government is dragging its feat on licensing new players
in the sector,  despite growing calls for media diversity in Zimbabwe.

Although officials from Spirit Embassy were not forthcoming in releasing details about 
Miracle TV, Prophet Uebert Angel recently posted on his Facebook page encouraging
his followers to watch the television channel. “We now own a satellite TV Channel called
Miracle TV. It's now live on your TVs. God is Faithful. Praise him with us for this new
miracle,” wrote the prophet. 

Miracle TV offers miracle services, healing sermons and testimonies. However, some

fans have complained on the Miracle TV Facebook fan page that there are too many
repeats on the channel.
Spirit Embassy which has over 5,000 followers mostly conducts its church services
from the Harare International Conference Centre. The Church was founded by Prophet
Angel in 2007. It has 20 branches worldwide including churches in South Africa,
the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. Miracle TV becomes
the second Zimbabwean Gospel TV channel after the 
South Africa-based Ezekiel TV (launched in 2008) which is owned 
by ZAOGA founder, Apostle Ezekiel Guti. 
Televangelism is increasingly becoming popular in the world. According to Wikipedia,
televangelism began as a peculiarly American phenomenon, resulting from a largely
deregulated media, where access to television networks and cable TV is open
to virtually anyone who can afford it, combined with a large Christian population that
is able to provide the necessary funding. In Africa, one of the most popular
televangelists is Prophet T.B Joshua who owns the Emmanuel TV channel where
he performs live miracles.