A prophet at the United Pentecostal Church made a sensational claim a few weeks ago that he had a vision of a ghost that is terrorising students and teachers at Mutimutema Primary School in Zhombe. He is set to hold a cleansing ceremony more powerful than the traditional one done at the school last November.

In an interview with RelZim, Prophet Livias Moyo said that he has plans to chase the evil spirits away.

“The risk-taking expedition is in the cards. I have declared war with those ghosts and goblins. One thing, for sure, is that they are going to cry and beg me not to torment them,” said Moyo.

 “I got a vision and was given the authority to go to Zhombe for a revival prayer with my team to cleanse the school. It is an open secret that the school is haunted.”

Feeling there is need for immediate action, he added, “The Education District Inspectors know about it since teachers were transferring to other schools. If I don’t avail myself and put my life on the line, the school will certainly close down.”.

Moyo said, “This will be my third ghost-chasing expedition. In 2005, I conducted a similar cleansing at Dlamini village in Tsholotsho where a ghost without a body but only with legs was chased away. In 2009, I drove away a female ghost which wore a white dress at a certain plot in Nesby, Chicago in Kwekwe.”

The evil spirits in Mutimutema were reportedly haunting school premises and tormenting teachers especially during the night.

Moyo said that he is appealing for help to make this expedition a success. “I will be accompanied by a high-powered delegation and I am appealing to interested people to help us with transport, food, money to make this expedition a reality” by coming to the United Pentecostal Conference Centre, Nesby Chicago,” he said.