Chitungwiza magistrate Lazarus Murendo last Friday presided over a matter in which a woman allegedly helped her prophet husband to rape a 16-year-old girl who had visited them seeking spiritual cleansing.

The couple — Heriton Chikanga (33) and his wife Viola Chaka (20) — were not asked to plead to the rape charge and remanded in custody to June 27.

The State alleges that on May 18, the complainant visited Chikanga’s shrine in Highfield, Harare, seeking spiritial cleansing.

She was later advised that the process would be continued at Chikanga’s home in Unit K, Chitungwiza, and the juvenile allegedly complied.

When they got home, Chikanga allegedly declared that the complainant was his new wife, but the latter denied being in a relationship with him.

As if working in common purpose, Chaka allegedly grabbed the girl, forced her into their bedroom, undressed her and pinned her to the ground while her husband raped the girl.

After the alleged act, the couple and the complainant slept in the same room.

Chikanga allegedly woke up at night and raped the girl again.

In the morning, Chaka gave the complainant $1 for bus fare and ordered her to go back home.

The complainant allegedly spilled the beans to her aunt the following day, leading to the couple’s arrest on June 5.