Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, Tuesday castigated a new crop of prophets that have mushroomed in the country in recent years saying they are fake and abusing the bible to amass wealth.

President Mugabe, who was speaking to government officials and legislators during a luncheon hosted by the local government ministry after the official opening of the third session of parliament, said the prophets are only after people’s money.

“Some of these churches are using the bible to generate cash with it, anyone who has no job they are now just starting a church,” he said.

“They will say I read here in the bible and it says I should start a church. They just use one verse in the bible and they use it, use it like nothing.

“Haaa, now look at what happens, people are flocking these churches; they now engage these musicians; these good singers – our pastors, some mean well but some are just dishonest.”

Although he did not name any church leader both prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and prophet Walter Magaya have had musicians performing at their functions.

Sungura ace Alick Macheso, Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu and dancehall sensation Tocky Vibes among other musicians have performed at the Prophetic Healing Deliverence (PHD) Ministries.

In 2011 Makandiwa’s Church United Family International Church (UFIC) attracted a number of local musicians who all jostled to get slots at the church.

Notable musicians like Peter Moyo, Leonard Zhakata, Biggie Tembo junior, Diva Mafunga and Joice Semeti were among other musicians who joined UFIC.

Mugabe added: “Those church leaders whom we see that they are lying, we find many people going there.

“That is our life; we need to sort such issues as a family, as a country.

In recent years, Zimbabwe has witnessed a phenomenal growth in new churches with a number of miracle working prophets attracting huge crowds.

“That must be sorted,” said Mugabe.

“We want people who are straightforward; dishonest, no. Let’s have the virtues of honest, the virtues of love, charity, helping each other.

“We need the virtues of humility and virtues of helping the sick, those in need. That should be our life, not cheating our people.”

Mugabe said a number of people have lost money to these church leaders who promise then quick returns.