A woman from Chitungwiza, Chipo Chafa (33), is involved  in a desperate battle for her husband of 16 years with a sangoma. Munyaradzi Chafa (38), left his matrimonial house in January this year to cohabit with a sangoma in Murisa Resettlement area in Dema. 

The sangoma has been identified as Mbuya Oniso. Munyaradzi’s affair with Mbuya Oniso came to light after Chipo got a tip-off from one of her husband’s friends and raided sangoma’s house yesterday morning. 

Chipo, who was accompanied by a police officer, seized Mbuya Oniso’s tools of trade including black and white robes, machetes and knobkerries and took them to Marondera police station. “When my husband stopped coming home in January, I prayed and fasted for 31 days. I came here and spent three days and three nights on a mountain praying for my husband to come back home. I am not afraid of these love potions that are being used to bewitch my husband. By exposing them, I am making them lose their power of controlling him. I love my husband and I cannot let another woman take away my joy just because she is a sangoma,” declared Chipo.

She said she was still at a loss of words regarding how her husband had decided to leave their luxurious house and go to cohabit in the “back of beyond” in Dema. “My husband and I have been happily married under Chapter 5.11 for the past 16 years. A week before he moved out, he bought me a brand new car which is enough evidence that he loves me. I was only surprised when I saw what he called a divorce token of US$1 in the house as well as a letter that he wrote letting me know that he no longer loves me. We have a very beautiful house in Chitungwiza and it can only be juju that made him leave our mansion to come and stay here. We had a very lucrative business in plumbing where we earn thousands of dollars every month. But as I speak, the business is collapsing because he is spending most of his time here. He also sold one of our cars, a Toyota Raum, to a certain man and I only got to know about it when I saw the man with the car,” she said.

“My husband and I used to go to Apostolic Faith Mission church. I am hurt with the news I heard from the residents that he is now wearing ritual robes (black and white robes and beads) assisting her in the process. I was reliably informed by residents that he spends time at a nearby river because he now thinks he has the spirit of a mermaid. Some have told me he is being made to wash the dishes and clothes on Mbuya Oniso while others say he always follows behind her with a bucket of water each time she visits the toilet. He has really changed, he is not like the Munya I used to know. I used to weigh 52 kg but now I have really lost weight because of emotional stress,” Chipo further complained.

Munyaradzi’s cousin, Ishmael Ratowa, who was present at the scene said he also believes that Munyaradzi was being controlled by love charms. “We have discovered that, under a pillow on which he was sleeping, there were a pair of panties that had beads on it. And that is enough evidence to show that he is being controlled by these love potions,” said Ishmael.

Contacted for comment, Mbuya Oniso, who was away when her four-room house was raided, was quick to accuse Chipo of forcefully entering her house without her permission. “She came to my house without my permission. She is just taking advantage of the fact that I was not there at the moment,” the sangoma said.

All Munyaradzi could say to the media on the matter was, ” Chipo is no longer my wife. I cannot have such kind of a woman in my life.”