The embattled Eaglesvale High and Junior Schools board which is in a power wrangle with the Dutch Reformed Church said it is struggling to renovate the once elite and now run down school.

“When we were appointed by the trustees we were given a task .They said this school was run by the whites of which everyone agrees the standards must not deteriorate and this is what me and the entire board is working on .It is better that we can show that black people are living people, they can do even better than the whites,” Reverend Dr Enos  Chomutiri the board chair told journalists at the school at the weekend.

“We looked around when we were appointed, and we have so far  managed to renovate the roof of a number of buildings and purchased a school bus whose value if combined amounts to over $ 280 000”.

The board however refused to comment on the power struggles because the case is still pending before the courts.

“I cannot stop you to write what you want to write. That is the first thing I would like to say. I cannot stop you. It depends with your motive. But part of your question I do not think I can answer it now because it is still in the courts” he answered to a question  on why the media continue to portray negatively works his board were doing at the school  given the bright  picture he had highlighted.

When pressed to explain to give an update of why the court cases continue if everything looked fine he said, “What I know is that when it was taken to the High Court it was a success on the side of the reformed church in Zimbabwe. The applicants had to take it to the Supreme Court it is the other side which I think very shortly you might know what is going on and what is going to happen and that is what is happening now. I do not think it is a serious issue to me it is not a serious issue,” he explained.

Last Wednesday the Supreme Court gave the board of governors of the schools the green light to contest the Dutch Reformed Church in Zimbabwe’s decision to dissolve the board and hand over the school trust to the church. The board of governors for the church-run school was dissolved sometime in 2010 and the trust handed over to the church.

The board said it was also struggling to pay its general workers whom it owes thousands of dollars since 2009.

The change of ownership of the school from their original owners the Dutch Reformed Church to the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe became problematic after the issue was politicized.

The new board held a ceremony to mark the handover of the school an event which was attended by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, Education minister Lazarus Dokora and Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Despite an ongoing Supreme Court challenge by the Dutch Reformed Church board, the board has reportedly declared that the school was now under “The Reformed Church of Zimbabwe”.