A Bulawayo businesswoman has allegedly abandoned her office in Bulawayo city centre and home after a suspected ghost reportedly dragged her out in broad daylight on numerous occasions.

It seems there is more to what meets the eye, as reliable sources have disclosed that the ghost was the woman’s late sister. The deceased woman is reported to have been barren and therefore ‘adopted’ her sister’s son. The woman being blessed with the newly acquired son, went out of her way to educate the boy, who later graduated as a medical doctor.

Trouble is said to have started when the young man gave first preference to the woman who had brought him up and neglected his biological mother. This did not go well with the latter. With jealousy prevailing over the scene, she is said to have declared a war on her sister and demanded to be given all her property that has been bought by her South Africa-based son.

The incident disturbed the now deceased to the extent that she suffered mild stroke leading to her death. Before passing away, the woman wrote a will indicating that her brother should inherit all her property. After the burial, her sister evicted the heir from the house of the deceased sister in Nkulumane and occupied one of the late woman’s offices in the city centre.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “Office 44 is not occupied because the woman who used it was being haunted by ghost. At first we thought that she was lying until the day when the ghost started dragging her out of the office. She could no longer stand harassment and embarrassment as she became the talk of the building.”

As if that was not enough, the ghost even ordered her to move out of the Nkulumane house. “She tried to seek help from prophets and traditional healers, but the harder she tried the more violent the ghost became,” said the source.

As a result of the ghost menace, she deserted the troublesome offices and house. She is reportedly now resident in Pelandaba West. The offices are also vacant and, according to the source, prospective businesspeople fear renting it because of the strange happenings.

Contacted for comment, the woman admitted that she was looking for someone to rent her office. However, she could not disclose much on the issue of the ghost and lashed out at this reporter. “That issue is known by a few individuals, who told you? It seems you have called to laugh at me, go back to the person who gave you that information [since] I have no time to discuss it with you,” replied the woman.